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Atla by Dark-Blue-Abaddon Atla by Dark-Blue-Abaddon
Finding themselves out on the open water on a small boat the hero gazes down into the water and spies the face of a beautiful woman rising from the darkness. At first they think she's merely inches from the surface, but as she rises the hero realises that she is in fact far larger. Breaking the surface the hero is faced with the upper body of a truly beautiful woman, her modesty covered with limpets and seaweed which form a concealing cloak of the sea.

For a moment the hero is stunned by the mermaid's beauty, but then they notice the tentacles rising around the boat. This is no mermaid, even with her giant stature, for the lower half of her body is one of a squid, with tentacles and teeth hidden beneath her dress of seaweeds.

The hero jumps from their ship, just in time to see the small vessel smashed to pieces beneath a thrashing arm as they cling to another of the pseudopods. Quickly the hero clambers up the squid's limb, dashing along it's length, dodging and weaving as the others threaten to toss the hero into the freezing waters below.

On occasion the mer-creature will thrash the limb, attempting to throw the hero off, and if the hero doesn't cling on for dear life they'll find themselves splashing in the waves as the colossus rises itself up, revealing
it hook-toothed maw which would then descend to attempt and devour the flailing hero.

Finally managing to reach the creature's main body the hero would have to climb up the front of the creature's 'dress' until they found it's heart, where they could put an end to the beast once and for all with a mighty blow to the one weak spot on the creature. But if the blow did not find its target the hero would find themselves tossed once more into the waves, to face the ordeal of the maw and tentacles once more.

Phase 1: Hero in the water must clamber onto a tentacle and run along it towards the central body, other tentacles would try to knock them off and must be avoided and the tentacle they're running on would toss about forcing the hero to press the correct button to keep their grip
Phase 2: If Hero falls into the water the main body would rise up, revealing the squid's mouth at it's centre. The Hero would have to swim hard to avoid the mouth as it came crashing down to attempt to devour them. Once clear the Hero would have to complete Phase 1 again.
Phase 3: If Hero gets to the central body they would have to climb up the seaweed and limpets to reach the creature's chest, all the while avoiding the thrashing tentacles reaching up for them.
Phase 4: Reaching the creatures chest the Hero would have to attack the weak point over the creature's heart or possibly the hero would have to climb the creature's hair to reach its eyes instead.
Phase 5: Once successfully attacking the weak spot the creature would sink between the waves, forcing the Hero to attempt again, this would repeat until the creature's health was gone.
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May 25, 2011
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